GrooveFunnels Video Hosting Compared to ClickFunnels

One of the vital and distinctive factors between GrooveFunnels and ClickFunnels is Video hosting. GrooveFunnels has a video hosting-platform called GrooveVideo, while Clickfunnels lacks this feature.

Now, let’s understand the advantages of having a private video hosting capability. Any digital marketer would love to have their video hosting library for many reasons. For instance, they can host their video and connect to their sales pages with ease. Also, they can create video tutorials or podcasts and connect them to their membership sites.

Of course, they can host videos with third-party free platforms like YouTube. But YouTube won’t give you the customization options you may need for your marketing.

Now, the video hosting feature in GrooveFunnels just rolled out. You can host your video but cannot utilize many customization-options like tagging or adding call-to-action on the video. But the GrooveFunnels team is working very hard and announced a schedule to roll out those options.

While the Video marketers could thrive with GrooveFunnels Video hosting, ClickFunnels hasn’t announced any video hosting feature yet.

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