Using The Words “GrooveFunnels Discount Coupons”- Scam

I browsed through some of the sites to see what the coupons are offering. But I didn’t get any discounts! Almost all the coupons sent me to the GrooveFunnels default sign up page with their affiliate links.  
Well, they mentioned GrooveFunnels discount of up to 65%! But where’s the discount? It is a total scam. 

Cause of Misleading By Using The Word “Coupons”
It is not hard to understand that they want sign-ups with their affiliate links. And they are using coupons as bait & getting away with it. The visitors signing up for GrooveFunnels redirected from the coupons don’t bother that they have been scammed. But why?
You need to know about GrooveFunnels price plans to understand the reason. 

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