The Free Tool, GroovePages Walkthrough

So this is my area where I can create new sites with a few clicks. It is just going to walk you by creating a site to see how simple and easy it is. All you have to do is click a new Site, and there are a ton of templates, including templates for pop-ups that you can choose from right. Also, you can create different pages to do split-testing to increase the conversion rate.

GrooveFunnels Walkthrough By Mike Filsaime
For somebody, this thing has you covered? Look at all these awesome templates and digital marketing tools that are mobile responsive. You are getting awesome, professional mobile responsive templates inside the GrooveFunnels funnel builder dashboard. You can tweak them and use them to serve your local customers to skyrocket the conversion rate.

Suppose you want to build membership sites for a local customer in your area, a local business. Or somebody….

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Using The Words “GrooveFunnels Discount Coupons”- Scam

I browsed through some of the sites to see what the coupons are offering. But I didn’t get any discounts! Almost all the coupons sent me to the GrooveFunnels default sign up page with their affiliate links.  
Well, they mentioned GrooveFunnels discount of up to 65%! But where’s the discount? It is a total scam. 

Cause of Misleading By Using The Word “Coupons”
It is not hard to understand that they want sign-ups with their affiliate links. And they are using coupons as bait & getting away with it. The visitors signing up for GrooveFunnels redirected from the coupons don’t bother that they have been scammed. But why?
You need to know about GrooveFunnels price plans to understand the reason. 

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GrooveFunnels Customer Relationship Management (CRM) App

Email marketing and CRM tool is another must-have tool that attracts, engage, and connects with your coaching students to drive your business’s sales and revenue. 

The GrooveFunnels have the GrooveMail app for this purpose. It is the email marketing, email list management, and CRM automation App. Its service equivalent to ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, or Aweber. You can store up to 500 of your coaching clients’ contact as a free member. Members with higher pricing plans can manage 25,000 contacts with unlimited sending.

You are getting up to 500 contacts free in GrooveMail, while it costs $9/month for 500 contacts in ActiveCampaign. And Aweber charges you $19/month for 500 contacts. MailChimp starts at $9.99/month. 

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Guidelines For Choosing a Business Opportunity

You need to check the most vital factor first as an investor, who’s a business opportunity’s legal factors. Mind that the legal aspects may vary from country to country, even state to state. Before you make an investment decision, it would be best to make sure that the business opportunity you are about to select meets all the legal status, including FTC rules and international trade.

Apart from the legal factors, what might be the other benchmark to evaluate the right business opportunity for you? I have gathered some directions from a business opportunity consultant that might help you:

1. First, assess yourself. How enthusiastic are you about that business opportunity? Enthusiasm is an absolute advantage, and it will help if you run your business enthusiastically. Otherwise, you may fail. But if you are passionate enough, you are sure to pass your enthusiasm to your team members and even your clients! 

2. You must have a complete knowledge of the product or service with which you are involved. That’s right, and your enthusiasm must be backed by in-depth knowledge of the business. 

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GrooveFunnels Video Hosting Compared to ClickFunnels

One of the vital and distinctive factors between GrooveFunnels and ClickFunnels is Video hosting. GrooveFunnels has a video hosting-platform called GrooveVideo, while Clickfunnels lacks this feature.

Now, let’s understand the advantages of having a private video hosting capability. Any digital marketer would love to have their video hosting library for many reasons. For instance, they can host their video and connect to their sales pages with ease. Also, they can create video tutorials or podcasts and connect them to their membership sites.

Of course, they can host videos with third-party free platforms like YouTube. But YouTube won’t give you the customization options you may need for your marketing.

Now, the video hosting feature in GrooveFunnels just rolled out. You can host your video but cannot utilize many customization-options like tagging or adding call-to-action on the video. But the GrooveFunnels team is working very hard and announced a schedule to roll out those options.

While the Video marketers could thrive with GrooveFunnels Video hosting, ClickFunnels hasn’t announced any video hosting feature yet.

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Groovefunnels Discount Coupon- A Scam?

GrooveFunnels discount coupon is an outright scam. 

Don’t get me wrong! I never said that the groovefunnels all-in-one digital marketing suite is a scam program. It is not. I’m a pro-member and a charged-up user of the GrooveFunnels. I know better!

What I mean is, the GrooveFunnels never announced any discount coupons on their price plans. Also, they never allowed their affiliates to generate coupon codes from the affiliate dashboard. In fact, such a utility doesn’t exist in the groovefunnels affiliate dashboard. 

Yet I see many sites are using the phrase, “GrooveFunnels Coupon Codes,” or “GrooveFunnels discount coupon,” and ranking on Google SERP!

Using The Words “Groovefunnels Discount Coupons”

I browsed through some of the sites to see what the coupons are offering. But I didn’t get any discounts! Almost all the coupons sent me to the GrooveFunnels default sign up page with their affiliate links.  

Well, they mentioned GrooveFunnels discount of up to 65%! But where’s the discount? It is a total scam. 

Cause of Misleading By Using The Word “Coupons”

It is not hard to understand that they want sign-ups with their affiliate links. And they are using coupons as bait & getting away with it. The visitors signing up for GrooveFunnels redirected from the coupons don’t bother that they have been scammed. But why?

You need to know about GrooveFunnels price plans to understand the reason. 

GrooveFunnels Unique Price Plans

I said unique price plans, and indeed, the price plan are unique. Because no other company than the GrooveFunnels are offering such kinds of price plans. 

Currently, GrooveFunnels is offering two types of price plans, such as:

1. Free-for-life Price Plan

2. Lifetime Access with a one-time payment

1. Free-for-life Price Plan

The CEO of the GrooveFunnels, Mike Filsaime, had a strategic plan to make the GrooveFunnels pricing easy and affordable to all! So he did something extraordinary, something that never has been done before!

He started with a Free-for-life membership plan, called the Base plan. What could be more affordable than a FREE-for-life membership price plan? 

This is where our couponers are getting away. The visitors are not getting the discounts as promised. But when they see GrooveFunnels is free anyway, they don’t bother about the scam that happened to them!

2. Lifetime Access with a One-time Payment of $1397

So, they signed up a few free members with their affiliate links. The free members can use the apps of GrooveFunnels, and they may decide to upgrade from the dashboard by paying $1397. If it happens, the couponers will earn a whopping 40% commission! Got the point- what’s the reason behind the scam in the first place?

You may think, signing up for free to use a few digital marketing apps is one thing. But paying a one time $1397 is totally different! Do people really upgrade? Is it worth it? 

My personal experience is most of the free members that have used the apps a few days or month upgrades to pro. I’m not talking about the people that signed up and let the account rot, never to sign in the account.  

You will understand why people upgrade with $1397 if you check the below image: 

Conclusion On GrooveFunnels And Coupons?

I asked Groovefunnels CEO, Mike Filsaime, why they don’t let the affiliates to generate coupons? Their answer was simple. They said they have set the price plans as low as possible. The price plan set is already heavily discounted. It cannot get lower than that, so no point in offering discount coupons.

It makes sense to me. I mean look at the comparison chart above! How much money could be saved with the Groovefunnels pro-membership!

My opinion on this is, discount or not you should sign-up for a free GrooveFunnels account ASAP. I mean what the heck- it’s free anyway! 

Is Groovefunnels a legit affiliate program?

I often see questions like the above on social media, online forums, and QA sites like Quora. But I never stumbled with a to the point answer so far. Most of them have laid out a full review of GrooveFunnels without proving its legitimacy. So I thought I’ll lay out a pin-point answer to the questions. 

And here’s my answer. Yes, the GrooveFunnels affiliate program is 100% legit. Period.

I know and believe it is legit because I have experienced it. But why should you believe it? You may have heard of it for the first time! 

So, I’ll discuss my reasons to convince you of the Groovefunnel’s legitimacy. I’ll also discuss 10 aspects of a legitimate business. And compare the GrooveFunnels with the 10 aspects. But first, let me clarify what GrooveFunnels and GrooveFunnels affiliate program is. 

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What Are The Dissimilarities of GrooveFunnels & ClickFunnels?

Dissimilarity #1: Capasity and Potential

I have studies GrooveFunnels and ClickFunnels meticulously and discovered a few dissimilarities between them. The most crucial discrepancy between the two appeared to be with their capacity and future potentials. But it did not surprise me. Here’s why:

ClickFunnels is a remarkable tool, and currently, it does its job remarkably well. But as a SaaS, its capacity to expand is limited as it used the nine-year-old Bootstrap framework technology. More and more advanced frameworks came to the surface after that.

On the other hand, GrooveFunnels uses the latest progressive JavaScript vue js framework that allows an extra-ordinary capacity to expand. Also, GrooveFunnels uses the fastest Google servers for hosting & bandwidth and covers all the costs.

As for the future, it appears to me GrooveFunnels has the upper hand as well.

ClickFunnels started as a page builder software and then added few more digital marketing functionalities to it. Also, Russell Brunson is excellent in marketing but no knowledge of software development. He hires and relies on other people for that reason.

On the other hand, Mike has a proven track record of complex software development. He also is a proven marketing genius; his one million dollar day launch of the “Butterfly Marketing” course proves that.

So, Mike, a software developer, also a marketing mastermind, visualized the whole GrooveFunnels framework as a complete digital marketing platform. Unlike ClickFunnels, GrooveFunnels did not hit the market, merely as a page builder supported by a few digital marketing solutions. It was designed as a complete answer to every aspect of digital marketing-need.

So, GrooveFunnels is the winning horse to me, over ClickFunnels, with all its’ capacities and potentials.

Dissimilarity #2: Video Hosting Capability

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How To Use GroovePages Templates For Affiliate Marketing?

So I want to show you the practical application of how this would actually work. So the first thing I want to show you is there’s already a bunch of existing funnels out there for GrooveFunnels.

Templates to earn from the GrooveFunnels affiliate program
Templates to earn from the GrooveFunnels affiliate program.

In the example, I used a real estate agent sales funnel. You could just go through these templates and pick them. But maybe you’re targeting life coaches. Or something like that and just all kinds of different funnels. There are a bunch of free funnels already inside the dashboard of the GrooveFunnels App. For example, I found a Real estate funnel right on the GrooveFunnels. You could download this funnel right inside of your GrooveFunnels account. You could get this funnel out for free, which gets people to sign up for a click bonus through your affiliate link.

Realstate Template to earn from the GrooveFunnels affiliate program
Realstate Template to earn from the GrooveFunnels affiliate program.

So now, let’s look at the practical application of how this actually works. The first thing you’re going to do is create that funnel that you’re going to give away for your target market.

Okay. The next thing you do is create a simple squeeze page with a name, email field, and a button. It also has to have a headline like a realtor, like, “get your free awesome funnel to promote your real estate business.” And don’t forget to put an image of the page you are giving away.

Also, create a simple “thank you” page so that you can take them after they sign up to get their desired templates. Put a button or link at the bottom part of this page. So that they can download the template you are offering.

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GrooveFunnel, The Sales Funnel Builder Free Sign-up

You will have so much functionality and marketing automation behind you in just a matter of minutes, without the need for extra plugins, unlike WordPress. You can get something set up so easily. And you can make a lot of money doing this, just offering a simple service to local businesses.

I built my first web site for a bed company. You know, I spent a couple of hours learning how to build a sales funnel inside GrooveFunnels. It was challenging for me to learn how to do that. And I got 500 bucks. But you can get $ 500 for spending a couple of hours building this website. And as you get better and better, you can charge a lot more money to build web sites.

Make Money Building Website & Sales Funnel With The Free Tool

Today we’re charging anywhere from 5,000 to 8,000 to 10,000 dollars to build websites or sales funnel, and users can do that too. As long as you start to get a little better at it, practice, build the portfolio. Then start talking to people about how you can help them create websites for their business with the free sales funnel builder.

There are so many people out there right now that need a website—especially where we are in the world with the economy. People are coming to digital marketing, trying to get their presence out there as the world is shut down. And this tool is free, unlike ClickFunnel or WordPress. 

We need to be able to help these people come back to the market. So there is a lot of opportunity for anybody. Looking to start a business from home, start a freelancing, gig a side hustle, whatever you want to call it. This is an effortless way to do it again for a limited time.

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