Conversion Rates Optimization: What is it?

Simply put, Conversion Rate Optimization is a useful methodology that makes the target audience take the action you desire. One of the vital goals of the method to turn the visitors into paying customers. 

CRO is a process. Whenever you start the process by addressing CRO factors, you’ll start getting benefits, which will add to your goals of turning visitors into paying customers and the benefit of increase your revenue. Let’s check what the characteristics should add to benefit us in our desire to turn the target audience into paying customers. 

Before we get to our seven tips, there are some customary CRO steps you must implement that we have mentioned briefly below: 

Knowing Your Visitors Behavior 

Focusing on CRO gives you the advantage of knowing the visitors of your businesses. You understand why they visit your site, what they want, what they are looking for, and their goals. There are a few ways to measure. 

Marketers know their visitors’ behavior by collecting and analyzing data. You can get these data from the engagement factors of your website’s functionality. Engagement with software in your site or votes, answers to your quizzes, and surveys give you data to categorize the visitors’ behavior. 

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Three Powerful Lifetime-FREE Tools- Under One Roof

Ever since I began to use GrooveFunnels membership sites, my online business expense rates dropped substantially. I was using ClickFunnel for Aweber for email marketing with a monthly fee and now, I use GrooveMail with no cost.  

Not only are you going to replace WordPress to get access to Groovefunnels, the marketing automation wizard, which will be totally free to you. You can build unlimited sales funnels, landing pages, and one-click pop-ups. You can create order bumps and all the things you need to do to sell online. Also, you can carry out your email marketing.  

Also, you are getting free access to Grooveselll. Groovesell is an incredibly powerful affiliate management platform. You can use it to promote Groovefunnels yourself. You going to build those websites and sales funnels- and if you want, you can share information about group funnels with your friends.

Just give them your affiliate link, and make a whopping 40% commission off of it as well. So you’ll make money. Just by talking about the GrooveFunnels. I can tell you right now that I’m, paying $297 a month in online funnel systems, the ClickFunnels, that don’t even do what this one can do. So when I saw what was going on with this platform the other day, it floored me. There are many things that it does well.

That is, compared to the other tools out there. This tool will change the funnel building landscape. You’re going to see that many people are jumping into this. And making this switch just because of how powerful it is.

So let’s. Talk about the tool, Groovefunnels, the free tool that builds unlimited funnels. Let’s go to the links for the free signup page of the free tool that builds unlimited funnels.

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Free Membership Sites For Coaching Business

gramma life coaching

You are in digital marketing means that you must have a membership web site to maintain your coaching clients. The GrooveFunnels platform has the GrooveMembers app that makes stunning membership sites. 

GrooveMember tool lets you control access levels and delivery options to the members. In a nutshell, GrooveMember is the subscriber-only membership platform where only subscribers can assess specific digital products, courses, content, or resources. You also can integrate Google Analytics with your membership site. 

The closest similar service provider on the market is Kajabi, and it costs $119/per month for a basic membership, while GrooveMember comes free with your GrooveFunnels free account. 

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How To Target GrooveFunnels Affiliate Market?

Now here is where a lot of affiliates of the GrooveFunnels affiliate program go wrong. And that is that they focus on people who are already good at online marketing.

They focus on the wrong kind of people. They target those who is already making money on the internet and are in the internet marketing niche. So when you go to promote GrooveFunnels to them, they’re like duh yeah. I’ve had that for a year.

Now think what the heck you are doing. Those guys are not your target. There’s a lot of business owners out there who want to market their business online. Even some are currently marketing their business online.

But their marketing funnels suck. And I hate to say it that way, but Google any local Business in your area. Nine times out of 10, that will have a poor landing page. Most of the time, they’re not even collecting an email! They’re just doing their online business all wrong.

Well, that leaves an incredible opportunity for people like me and you. Because now, what we can do is we can offer a funnel and get them on the GrooveFunnels. We make a Commission with the GrooveFunnels affiliate program if they sign up. It’s a win-win process. They get a cool funnel that serves their marketing well, and you get your cuts.

So let’s look at a real-life example of the process. A lot of realtors out there know that marketing online is essential. But most of them, the only way they’re marketing online is through their Facebook profile. Or they have a generic website that just has their phone number on it!

Well, imagine if you were to put in front of them a nice-looking funnel for realtors that they could download 100 % free! The critical 100 % free because they’re going to see that and say oh wow. My website could look like that. I can be collecting email leads and getting new clients with this funnel right.

Well, guess what happens when they download that funnel to use it. They will need the GrooveFunnels paid-membership at $97 per month. Or a life-time offer of a one-time payment of $1397. To a realtor is an easy, affordable cost. So it will be a no-brainer for them to sign up for GrooveFunnels.

And they get to use this amazing funnel that you have for them. In return, you get commissions from the GrooveFunnels affiliate program.

Like you know, someone signs up for GF through your link. And then, later on, they buy a thousand dollar course from Groove Digital. You’re getting commissions from the GrooveFunnels affiliate program for front and backend sales. Because GrooveFunnels are using something called sticky cookies.

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Is GrooveFunnels Free? What’s The GrooveFunnels Lifetime Deal?

The CEO of the GrooveFunnels, Mike Filsaime, had a strategic plan to make the GF pricing easy and affordable to all! So he did something extraordinary, something that never has been done before!

He started with a Free-for-life membership plan, called the Base plan. What could be more affordable than a FREE-for-life membership price plan? You become a free member for life; you use the system, and either you upgrade to pro (if you see the benefits) or stay free-for-life; what could be the better deal than this?

So, right now, the GF is offering two types of price plans, and there is a future-price plan, a monthly payment plan yet to roll out. We will discuss each price plans below:

3.38 GrooveFunnels Free-for-life Price Plan: The Base Plan

With the free-for-lifetime platinum plan of GF, you can use three essential apps free for life. The apps are GroovePages, GrooveSell, and GrooveAffiliates. Here are the features and resources a free-for-life member can enjoy:

  • Unlimited Offers at GrooveSell
  • Build Brand Websites with full navigation (GroovePages)
  • 2 tier program at GrooveAffiliate, and also
  • Custom Domains (GroovePages)
  • Bandwidth and hosting (GroovePages, GrooveBlog, GrooveMail, GrooveVideo, GrooveMember)
  • All 12 Apps with limitations

But there are a few limitations for the free members. Free lifetime members can create and maintain up to three funnels with unlimited pages with GroovePages. Also, free members will get 20% and 5% two-tier affiliate commissions from the GF affiliate-program. However, there aren’t any restrictions on GrooveSell use.

Note that, at this beta stage, GrooveFunnels allows the free members to use all the 12 apps with some limitations. But it could be a temporary, beta-special deal. Other than the three free apps, the rest of the nine apps are not free-for-life. They can restrict free access to free members anytime along the way.

Listen to Mike Filsaime on GrooveFunnels pricing and more:

3.39 GrooveFunnels Platinum Plan Lifetime Access Upgrade With One Time Payment

I have NEVER seen an offer as incredible as GrooveFunnels Platinum plan Lifetime Access with a one-time payment. You can have lifetime access to all 17 apps with all future updates! However, the lifetime upgrade price plan is very time-specific, and they can withdraw the deal anytime, presumably, once they roll out their monthly payment plan. BTW, a lifetime upgrade is a limited time offer.

Also, there are four payment options for the Lifetime platinum plan, such as:

  • $0 Today, then 4 x monthly payments of $497 starting in 14 days.
  • Or 6 x monthly payments of $388 starting today.
  • Or 12 x monthly payments of $249 starting today.
  • Or pay in full at $1,397 and save up to 35%.

Note: You Can Run Your Entire Online Business for a ONE Low Time Payment and Get Everything for LIFE.

Click here to check how much it costs to acquire similar apps on the market and how much per year you can save with GF Platinum Lifetime Access Upgrade.

3.40 Bonus With GF Platinum Plan Lifetime Access Upgrade:

Best of Groove-A-Thon Recordings ($10,000 value)

  • Featured guest presentations
  • Transcripts
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Checklists
  • And more.

3.41 GrooveFunnels Monthly Price Plans (Future Price Plans)

The monthly price plan will be rolling out any time from now, and the lifetime access upgrade will be gone by then. GF team has announced future monthly plans as follows:

  • The Base Plan (Previous Groovepages lite)
  • The Silver Plan ($99/Month)
  • The Gold Plan ($199/Month)
  • The Platinum Plan ($299/Month)

The image below shows the future monthly price plans of the GrooveFunnels with the available features.

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What Is GrooveHosting?

groove hosting

There is no mention of GrooveHosting inside the GrooveFunnels dashboard. But we thought it is good to let you know the GF membership comes with free web hosting. And both free and upgraded members enjoy their hosting without any additional cost.

One more vital issue to talk about on GrooveHosting. That is, the web pages and sales funnels hosted with GrooveHosting loads faster on the browsers, page loading time is less, suitable for Google ranking. It is because the GroovePages uses the latest framework called progressive JavaScript framework Vue Js. In comparison, all other platforms are still using a decade old technology called Bootstrap. Besides, Groove uses the fastest Google servers for hosting & bandwidth and covers all the costs.

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Free Tools For Online Coaching

online coaching tools

Are you looking for the best free tools for your online coaching business? Are you overwhelmed by tons of software services on the market and cannot decide which bunch would best serve your business? 

You are then precise to the place where you could wipe all your doubts about your coaching management software- because we will compare the bests of the market and help you find the best of the elites here. 

Now the good news is there are coaching tools in the market to carry out as a business coach. And the bad news is they cost a lot. The monthly or yearly cost of tools needed to run your coaching program could be staggering. Now, the best news- you can get most of the tools to carry out your coaching business for free. 

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Social Media Talks On GrooveFunnels & ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels (CF) or GrooveFunnels (GF) both are page builder and digital marketing suite. ClickFunnels page builder is around for quite a long time, almost nine years. And it made an excellent reputation on the market.

The GrooveFunnels (GF) page builder and all-in-one, digital marketing suite is the new kid on the block! And it took the market by storm. So, GF has already made an impact on the market too! Many people see GF as a reliable alternative, even a suitable replacement for CF.

So it is natural that this question arises: ClickFunnels (CF) or GrooveFunnels (GF), which one to choose between the two? I see many marketers ask this question, and a lot of discussions go on the forums and Facebook groups.

I found an interesting one in one of the private Facebook group I could not resist sharing. So here we go: Click here to get full Social Media Talks On GrooveFunnels & ClickFunnels

Background Of The Free Online Business Tools

online business tools

A few years back, I bought an Internet marketing training course. It was from a pretty successful coach named Alex Jeffery. In one of the videos, he mentioned that he learned marketing from his coach named Mike Filsaime (Google him). That course cost him a few thousand dollars, and he went to the USA from England. Google Mike if you want to know more about his journey and successes. 

I have regarded Mike Filsaime in high esteem since then. He’s a marketer, and his focus area is marketing software. I was following his works. He was making & launching essential software and Apps in the internet marketing industry. 

Then he made Webinarjam, a huge successful webinar hosting software. Another webinar platform he made is the WebinarJam. And then, Kartra, a page builder software. But he left the Kartra team soon after it became popular among the marketers. 

Then he announced that he is going to form another company named GrooveDigital. And there will be a collection of essential marketing apps for digital marketers. An Email marketing app is also included. The most popular publishing-platform was WordPress but won’t be anymore!

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The Opportunities Of GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program

grooveaffiliate program for everybody

The GF affiliate program is an incredible opportunity for us, the marketers, and here’s how it works. The GF itself is a mighty powerful software. It is a platform of a bunch of apps under one roof.

It has the power to build all kinds of pages and funnels with its app called the GroovePages. Making it so easy that even someone who is not good at tech can create excellent funnels. Anyone can use templates and make changes to make their landing pages. The sales pages and marketing funnels of the GrooveFunnels software look really awesome.

GrooveFunnels affiliate program is also fantastic. It allows you up to 40% recurring commissions that open a huge door for the marketers.

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