ClickFunnels Best Free Alternative Is The GF- The Most Complete And Free Digital Marketing Suite 

ClickFunnels Best Free Alternative

It may be a bold statement, but I’ll not leave you only with my opinion; I’ll establish my bold-statement with reasons and logic. Also, I’ll compare the two feature by feature and cost against the cost. And their similarities, dissimilarities, advantages-disadvantages, etc. 

The most remarkable aspect of the GrooveFunnels is the price plans, which start at no cost, free for life. And we should start by comparing the price plans of the GrooveFunnels and the ClickFunnels. But we cannot do that before weigh up their features, can we? So, let’s start knowing their features first. 

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7 Simple Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

conversion rate optimization

Before we get to our seven tips, there are some customary Conversion Rate Optimization steps you must implement that we have mentioned briefly below: 

Knowing Your Visitors Behavior 
Focusing on CRO gives you the advantage of knowing the visitors of your businesses. You understand why they visit your site, what they want, what they are looking for, and their goals. There are a few ways to measure. 

Marketers know their visitors’ behavior by collecting and analyzing data. You can get these data from the engagement factors of your website’s functionality. Engagement with software in your site or votes, answers to your quizzes, and surveys give you data to categorize the visitors’ behavior. 

Using Visitor Behavior Data To Increase Revenue
Whenever marketers understand the visitor behavior matrix by analyzing data, they have a limitless advantage of boosting their site’s revenue. Google analytics helps a lot to collect data. Marketers can do it by placing precisely the resource they look for. They also can, and they should re-invest in running ads based on the audience matrix. The audience will keep coming back if you keep running the cycle. 

Also, make extensive use of the growth hacking tools, like Crazy Egg service and Google Analytics, to leverage existing traffic. 

The combination of growth hacking and new customer acquisition will boost with the continuous increase of the visitors. 

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The List Of 11 Best Free Coaching Tools

digital tools for coaching business

Here we have outlined the tools briefly you are getting inside Your Free GrooveFunnels membership. We also compared the cost of the services with the other similar and popular services on the market. 

1. Hosting

The first step of your business would be acquiring a domain name and a website hosting service. GrooveFunnels doesn’t provide any domain registration service- but its membership comes with free web hosting; both free and pro- members enjoy their hosting without any additional cost.

How good is GrooveHosting? We noticed that the web pages and sales funnels hosted with GrooveHosting load faster on the browsers- page loading time is less, which are good factors for search engine ranking. Also, you can integrate Google analytics for real-time stats into your online marketing website hosted with GrooveHosting. 

Why GrooveHosting pages load faster?  It is because the GrooveFunnels uses the latest framework called progressive JavaScript framework Vue Js. In comparison, all other platforms are still using a decade old technology called Bootstrap or similar. Besides, GrooveFunnels uses the fastest Google servers for hosting & bandwidth and covers all the costs.

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GrooveFunnels vs ClickFunnels Capacity and Potential

groovefunnels dissimilarities with clickfunnels

I have studies GrooveFunnels and ClickFunnels meticulously and discovered a few dissimilarities between them. The most crucial discrepancy between the two appeared to be with their capacity and future potentials. But it did not surprise me. Here’s why:

ClickFunnels is a remarkable tool, and currently, it does its job remarkably well. But as a SaaS, its capacity to expand is limited as it used the nine-year-old Bootstrap framework technology. More and more advanced frameworks came to the surface after that.

On the other hand, GrooveFunnels uses the latest progressive JavaScript vue js framework that allows an extra-ordinary capacity to expand. Also, GrooveFunnels uses the fastest Google servers for hosting & bandwidth and covers all the costs.

As for the future, it appears to me GF has the upper hand as well.

ClickFunnels started as a page builder software and then added few more digital marketing functionalities to it. Also, Russell Brunson is excellent in marketing but no knowledge of software development. He hires and relies on other people for that reason.

On the other hand, Mike has a proven track record of complex software development. He also is a proven marketing genius; his one million dollar day launch of the “Butterfly Marketing” course proves that.

So, Mike, a software developer, also a marketing mastermind, visualized the whole GF framework as a complete digital marketing platform. Unlike ClickFunnels, GrooveFunnels did not hit the market, merely as a page builder supported by a few digital marketing solutions. It was designed as a complete answer to every aspect of digital marketing-need.

So, GrooveFunnels is the winning horse to me, over ClickFunnels, with all its’ capacities and potentials.

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What Is GroovePages?

GroovePages™ (GP) is an easy to use drag & drop page builder app (like Kartra). It can create followings without any knowledge of design or coding:

  • Stunning looking landing pages
  • High-converting sales funnels
  • A fully-functional website with all the features

GP app (similar to kartra), an exceptional marketing tool,  gives you a visual editor to design your web pages and sales funnels. There are a lot of built-in and customizable templates on almost every niche imaginable.

You want to create a site, or a sales funnel for a dentist? A few templates are available for you! You can customize the templates and personalize them. It also provides the built-in drag & drop blocks and elements to make your effort easy.

A variety of built-in blocks and components are available inside GPage dashboard. These include images, video, text, boxes, timers, form code, dividers, etc. You drag the elements and drop them on your visual page editor. BTW, the blocks and components are customizable too!

GF provides detailed analytical stats site-wise and page wise and allows you to host custom-domains.

Free members can create up to three websites with unlimited pages. In comparison, there are no upgraded members’ restrictions.

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How To Make Money With The GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program?

groovefunnels affiliate  program commissions

Here I will show you how you can earn up to 10k or higher with the GrooveFunnels affiliate links. I will break down a powerful 10k per month strategy and even better than that. It goes for both types of the members of GrooveFunnels account. 

Obviously, you need to have an account of GrooveFunnels before you promote it. Good thing is, currently GrooveFunnels is offering a free-for-lifetime deal, where you can use three of their vital apps free for life with all future updates. These apps are GroovePages, GrooveSell, and GrooveAffiliate. However, a free member earns 20% commissions. 

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Why I Picked These 11 Coaching Tools For Coaching Business?

I’m listing 11 software services because you can get them free and from under one roof. You can get all the 11 tools in one platform and with only one FREE membership. Also, you can cross-integrate the service of one app to another. 

However, I’m listing 11-best free tools doesn’t mean you can’t run your coaching with a lesser number of coaching tools or don’t need services other than the 11 listed. Besides the 11 coaching tools, there are a few tools you may need that I have listed separately. 

So, let’s get to our 11 best free coaching tools that you are getting under one platform. And the name of the platform is:

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GrooveFunnels Or ClickFunnels, Which One Is Better?

Groovefunnels vs click funnels

ClickFunnels (CF) or GrooveFunnels (GF) both are page builders and digital marketing suites. ClickFunnels page builder is around for quite a long time, almost nine years. And it made an excellent reputation on the market.

The GrooveFunnels (GF) page builder and all-in-one, digital marketing suite is the new kid on the block! And it took the market by storm. So, GF has already made an impact on the market too! Many people see GF as a reliable alternative, even a suitable replacement for ClickFunnels.

So it is natural that this question arises: ClickFunnels (CF) or GrooveFunnels (GF), which one to choose between the two? I see many marketers ask this question, and a lot of discussions go on the forums and Facebook groups.

I found an interesting one in one of the private Facebook group I could not resist sharing. So here we go: Click for more…

Background Of The Free Online Business Tool


A few years back, I bought an Internet marketing training course. It was from a pretty successful coach named Alex Jeffery. In one of the videos, he mentioned that he learned marketing from his coach named Mike Filsaime (Google him). That course cost him a few thousand dollars, and he went to the USA from England. Google Mike if you want to know more about his journey and successes. I have regarded Mike Filsaime in high esteem since then. He’s a marketer, and his focus area is marketing software. I was following his works. He was making & launching essential software and Apps in the internet marketing industry. Then he made Webinarjam, a huge successful webinar hosting software. Another webinar platform he made is the WebinarJam. And then, Kartra, a page builder software. But he left the Kartra team soon after it became popular among the marketers.
Then he announced that he is going to form another company named GrooveDigital. And there will be a collection of essential marketing apps for digital marketers. An Email marketing app is also included. The most popular publishing-platform was WordPress but won’t be anymore!

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What Groove™ Can Give Us In 2021

The GrooveFunnels affiliate program is an incredible opportunity for us, the marketers, and here’s how it works. The Groovefunnels itself is a mighty powerful software. It is a platform of a bunch of apps under one roof. 

It has the power to build all kinds of pages and funnels. Making it so easy that even someone who is not good at tech can create excellent funnels. Anyone can use templates and make changes to make their landing pages. The sales pages and marketing funnels of the GrooveFunnels software look really awesome. 

GrooveFunnels affiliate program is also fantastic. It allows you up to 40% recurring commissions that open a massive door for the marketers. Now here is where a lot of affiliates of the GrooveFunnels affiliate program go wrong. And that is that they focus on people who are already good at online marketing.

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